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156.00 Km

15.00 h

CycloMonviso is a cross-border route that passes by Racconigi, Savigliano, Saluzzo and Guillestre in France.
The route aslo goes through a mountain region, in Val Varaita, very interesting for the more sporty cyclists.

CycloMonviso offers the opportunity to discover UNESCO sites, medieval villages and Renaissance centers, but also allows you to pedal in contact with nature to discover small countryside villages. The project leaders have worked hard to identify shorter routes of varying difficulty, which lead to the discovery of the surroundings of the historical centers and the countryside of the four cities.

The CycloMonviso project is part of the PIT "MONVISO: the man and the land". Cross-border cooperation project for the sustainable development of Italian-French territory in the Monviso area.

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