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As you might have noticed we are still working on the english version... please come back soon for the final version... In the meanwhile enjoy the Italian version!

The Project

This website is managed by BikeSquare and aims to show the most important cyclotourism routes in Piedmont.

The routes are the ones approved by the Piedmont Regional Council through the Deliberazione della Giunta Regionale del 27 luglio 2015 n. 22-1903 called "Regional Cycling Network".

We chose not to host users self-made routes.

App + Website

Beyond the website, Cicloturismo Piemonte Project has a free App (available for iOS, Android, and Windows) that tourists can use to follow the routes as a guide.

Cyclotourists can pedal using directions provided by the app and can rest assured that they will not get lost, especially where there are no road signs.

Points of Interest and Bike Friendly Places

We want to give visibility to touristic and commercial Bike Friendly Places.

Recommended points are places where cyclists can take a break and be sure to be welcomed kindly. Some of these places there are additional services for cyclists (parking lots for bicycles, etc.).

We want to give visibility and space to touristic and commercial points of interest beacuse we believe that people and companies working on the territory can contribute to keep cycling routes alive and improve touristic development in their areas.